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June 5, 2020
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Do you want to work as Editor-in-chief and help authors reach an audience of over 100,000 people every month? Would you also like the opportunity to do the best work of your life? Are you eager to develop yourself professionally even more—and ready to improve the future of design education? Then you have come to the right place!

***What can we offer?***

- A full-time, fully remote position as a part of the world’s biggest online design school. You will have daily video-based contact with your colleagues and will get to meet them on team trips in different places on the planet.

- A team of true professionals and a smooth onboarding process with a personal mentor.

- The opportunity to do the best work of your life—providing you’re willing to invest hard work.

- A culture of learning and excellence—coupled with care and respect.

***What will you be doing?***

You’ll become the Editor-in-Chief of our independent publishing initiative, UsabilityGeek.com, which we recently acquired. We have big plans to improve the quality and quantity of publications on UsabilityGeek.com, and we’d like to leverage your editorial prowess and ambitions!

Your responsibilities will comprise several dimensions. To some extent, they can be adapted to your skills and interests.

Ahead of you is a highly rewarding and enriching journey on which you will make an impact as you:

- Work closely with designers around the world who submit their articles.

- Head the editorial processes from draft to publication.

- Help create world-class educational materials on topics such as UX, UI, Design Thinking and more.

- Apply your editorial skills in helping authors grow and become better communicators, educators and writers. In a similar way, they will help you.

- Grow your own knowledge of design and user experience in all its forms.

- Head and execute growth initiatives to publicize UsabilityGeek and your authors.

- Help push the quantity and quality of our educational materials to new heights—exceeding the very best in both industry and academia.

If you want even more opportunities to show the world what you can do, you’re in luck. When you're willing to do the hard work of learning and growing, you’ll find virtually limitless opportunities with us.

***About You***

- You are an expert wordsmith with an eagle eye for the tiniest details and a keen ear for flow. You know perfection is in the sum of everything you do, and each word matters deeply to you.

- You appreciate that an editor-in-chief is a role that entails an X factor: That this publication must maintain that almost undefinable element that keeps readers coming back for more. That essence lies within both the words and the spirit in which they are presented.

- You are results-driven and motivated by achievement and goals. Mediocrity gives you the chills.

- Your strong liaising and marshalling skills will help ensure a consistently excellent brand signature for UsabilityGeek as you help writers achieve maximum clarity and deliver pieces that enlighten and enthrall readers.

- You love a perfect result but are keenly aware of the law of diminishing returns—when to apply it, or when to go all in.

- Although you consider yourself a seasoned professional, you get restless if you feel you are not learning something new every week.

- Your responsibilities will range widely, so you must be adept at dividing broad duties into small, executable tasks and not lose sight of your overall mission. “Getting stuff done” is your middle name.

- You have strong social intelligence and empathy—and the ability to engage well with different types of people through writing.

- You love to learn about design in all its forms—from User Experience, Usability, etc.

- You have a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree in User Experience, HCI, Information Technology, Communications, or another related field.

***Bonus Points***

You get bonus points if you …

- have worked as an editor.

- have taught in a classroom—physical or virtual.

- are a native English speaker.

- have experience as a team lead.

- have experience working remotely.

- are already a member of the Interaction Design Foundation.

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