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October 22, 2020
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Webflow developer/designer to expand our team

We from HappyDigital.nl are looking for a Webflow freelancer/partner to expand our team. We are looking for a long-term collaboration in which you would be working on a variety of projects. A little bit about us HappyDigital didn't get started like most companies. There was no mission yet, no business plan, just a few young people in their living room who wanted to make cool stuff. We didn't start this company to make money, but because we enjoyed making beautiful things and telling beautiful stories together. From there it grew, from a custom Wordpress site for the neighbour to building the website for one of the fastest growing startups in the Netherlands. We do what we love to do, what we love: agency-style web design work and we are continuing this in this new iteration. Built by friends, for friends. We work for a wide variety of clients and this involves different projects. From small websites or simple landing pages to premium websites where we take even more time to work out details to perfection. With an ever-expanding portfolio, we are attracting more and more large companies. Also outside the Dutch borders. This makes every project a challenge and certainly unique. Two projects you will be working on with us in the coming weeks: Video platform & a Lottery competition website. These projects are short term (2/3 weeks). For these first two small projects we would like to start with a compensation of €1800. 

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Mail to jelle@happydigital.nl

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