Where All Designers Belong.

A global community for designers, by designers is our greatest goal, and we're always working to improve it. In serving those who serve others, we can all live a life of fulfilment.

Community Interaction

The global design community is as diverse, unique and vibrant as the world around us. People interaction is what holds us together and what makes it possible for us to support one another.

Spam or Phishing

You should not schedule review sessions with multiple mentors; abuse the mentor programme; attempt to drive traffic to other sites or market unrelated products; or make false claims against other members of the community.

Violating others' privacy or IP rights

You should not ask anything beyond design-related topics unless both parties consent. You should not violate others' privacy, copyrights or trademarks in their work or speech. You should not duplicate any personal profiles, descriptions, email and links without permission from the direct from the party.

Discriminatory behaviour or hate speech

You should treat everyone with respect in every interaction. You should not treat others differently because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, disability or serious diseases.

For Designers

At adplist, designers are the center of everything we do. We constantly refine the experience that designers have with their mentors through this community; while maintaining an authentic and efficient experience.

Before you reach out to a mentor

1. Understand that mentors have a schedule
2. Stay with 1 Mentor
3. Before requesting for mentorship, tell mentors:
    ✅ About yourself; current and past experiences
    ✅ What kind of mentorship are you looking for? Portfolio Review/Career Advice
    ✅ What is the primary goal you want to achieve through this mentorship
    ✅ Lastly, attach a link to your portfolio too

You can apply these practices before you schedule on Calendly 🗓️, there is a text box where you can fill it up with the above format; or if you are emailing 📧 a mentor, you can easily follow the above too.

During the mentoring session

1. 😊 Be kind and respectful
2.👂 Be open-minded to feedback
3. ✍️ Make sure that you take the valuable notes
4. ⏰ Keep the session within 30 minutes (approx)
5. 📸 Lastly, take a virtual selfie with your mentor !

After meeting a mentor

Thank the mentor for his/her time and advice ❤️ and ensure that you work on the feedback that were given to you. The best way you can thank a mentor is to write them a note publicly to recognise their kindness and share it forward in the design community.
Here's a magical template✨:

I met (name of mentor) from adplist.org and I had an amazing mentoring session with him/her/them! I'd love to share the key learnings from our session... (your learnings).  From our meaningful conversation, I will be...(what are your next steps for improvement).

(Name of mentor), thank you for your time and valuable insights. To fellow designers, if you are looking for an amazing design mentor, you have to check out adplist.